Kingston5 Entertainment

Kingston5 Entertainment is highly knowledgeable about the film industry. We are aware of the potential risks involved in the art of film making. Our professional experience in business and creative affairs, development, production and marketing are in constant development in order to manage the interest risks of film producing.

We seek serious Investors to finance independent motion pictures, please click here to browse some of the projects on our current Film Slate. Kingston5 Entertainment has working relationships with Distributors in the United States Of America (Domestic) and Internationally which allows us to Maximize Revenues for each Film project. We facilitate Licensing Rights for Theatrical Exhibition, Foreign Distribution, DVD Sales and Rental, Pay-per-view, Television Broadcasts (Cable, Free TV) and Other Ancillary markets.

Return on Investment:

Investors get an early return ("first out") on their investment provided the Film produces a profit. Investors also receive an additional return on the "back end" if the Film becomes a Box Office success.

A Special Purpose Vehicle will be established for the purposes of the production of a Picture will be the initial owner of the Picture.
It will license rights from the original authors, including rights to the Script, that form part of the Chain of Title confirming ownership of the rights to the Picture.
Investors, executive producers, producers, directors, distributors etc. will own rights to the Picture according to relevant investment and contribution.
All interested parties will be able to verify that the special purpose vehicle can legally transfer, assign or license to them the right to generate revenue. Kingston5 Entertainment will negotiate Television Licensing, Cable, DVD/Video and all other ancillary rights worldwide.

Kingston5 Entertainment adheres to the highest standards of cost control and financial reporting in order to minimize the risk of budget overruns. A system of accurate budgeting and related financial reports will be implemented along with a pre-production, shooting and post-production schedule.
The Motion Picture Industry in the United States of America continues to be both profitable and financially stable, both internally and abroad. And as box office receipts become less and less relevant we continue to track and trend new and emerging technologies and new distribution methods.
The Licensing of Films for Home Video/DVD and Television has increased revenue streams derived from theatrical releases; and a strong box office return will command a more substantial return on the Picture in ancillary markets. Theatrical markets continue to enjoy a steady growth, whilst the home Video/DVD sector continues growing at an impressive rate, with digital distribution continuing to grow at a steady pace worldwide.
The Market for Independently Produced Films in the United States of America has experienced increasing growth and there is a well-established trend of Independent Films being embraced by growing audiences.
The culture of Independent Films is no longer limited to niche or Art House releases, broad audiences across the USA and Internationally are now embracing Independently Produced Films.