Changing lives through the power of art

We're An Indie Film Production Company based in Miami,Florida.

We Want To Hear From You!

We are always looking to work with talented scriptwriters, directors, and filmmakers. If you have a great idea for a film and would like us to produce it, we would love to hear from you.

About Us

Kingston5 Productions is based in South Florida, but filming may be done at any location around the world with working studio partnerships, i.e.Film Studios in FL, CA, GA, NY, and across the Caribbean.


Kingston5 Productions (K5P) produces independent films, documentaries, public service announcements (PSA’s), short television series, music videos, art, and photography that focuses on real people, real stories, and social situations that are often neglected by traditional media outlets.


Kingston5Productions is an indie production company that is hip, relevant and socially conscious.We want to empower human beings to achieve their fullest potential through whatever medium they choose. We are the storytellers of truth and fate, and our hope is to always inspire those around us within every moment

Traci Rhone

Executive Producer

The life of Traci Rhone is spent searching the depths of minds and lives, while exploring the fecund territory of the human psyche. Her unique sense of insight pervades her work across the spectrum, be that as painter, past life regression hypnotherapist, life coach, writer, or producer. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Traci is the daughter of late Jamaican playwright Trevor D. Rhone. Having always loved film, her latest foray has taken her into the medium, producing human interest documentaries and biographies.