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We are An Indie Film Production Company based in Miami,Florida, U.S.A.

About Us

Traci Rhone is an independent filmmaker from Kingston, Jamaica, WI. She is a respected Black and Female indie film producer who does not live Hollywood. Rhone’s credits include: "Tribe305", "MIA" (Salsa in Miami), "Centered Around Social Change" as well as the film "Jouska" and for television, "A Line Unscripted" a web series. She founded Kingston5 Productions based on a call to action for social justice and recognition of counterculture. Rhone has worked with major companies such as Time Warner as well as with Grammy and Oscar Award Winning Producers, Directors and Actors. She is the daughter of the late famous Jamaican playwright and filmmaker Trevor D. Rhone producer of works such as The Harder They Come (1972), co-author; Smile Orange (1974); Top Rankin, Milk and Honey (1988), Best Screen Play Toronto International Film Festival, Genie winner; One Love (2003), Cannes Film Festival.


We Want YOU!

We work with a talented team of script writers, directors, and filmmakers and are always looking for new ideas. If you would like to pitch your idea to us we are currently accepting submissions.


Kingston5 Productions produces independent feature films, short films and documentaries that focus on real people, real stories, and social situations that are often neglected by traditional media outlets. We truly want to make the world a better place. Our vision is to empower human beings to achieve their fullest potential. We are the storytellers of truth and fate and our hope is always to inspire those around us.

Traci Rhone

Executive Producer