Changing lives through the power of art

We are An Indie Film Production Company based in Miami,Florida, U.S.A.

We Want To Hear From You!

We are always looking to work with talented scriptwriters, directors, and filmmakers. If you have a great idea for a film and would like us to produce it, we would love to hear from you.

About Us

Kingston5 Productions is based in South Florida. We are a group of individuals focused on empowerment and improving self and society thru the 7th Art, i.e. film.


Kingston5 Productions aims to produce independent feature films, short films and documentaries that focus on real people, real stories, and social situations that are often neglected by traditional media outlets.


Kingston5 Productions is focused on making the world a better place. Our vision is to empower human beings to achieve their fullest potential. We are the storytellers of truth and fate and our hope is always to inspire those around us.

Traci Rhone

Executive Producer

Traci Rhone is the founder and Executive Producer of Kingston5 Productions. She was born in Kingston, Jamaica and is the daughter of late famous Jamaican playwright and film maker Trevor D. Rhone producer of works such as The Harder They Come (1972), co-author; Smile Orange (1974); Top Rankin′; Milk and Honey (1988), Best Screen Play Toronto International Film Festival, Genie winner; One Love (2003), Cannes Film Festival. Having spent her formative years creatively collaborating with her father, it was only natural for her to become a filmmaker. It could be said that Traci is forever in search of a kind of truth, irrespective of medium. A truth that lies deep in the heart of us that cannot be elicited from any kind of controlled thought, and gets to the essence of what it means to exist in this world as we journey from one life to the next. Undoubtedly guided by her experience as the proud single mother of a beautiful daughter, her work employs a subtle feminist tone as she investigates and celebrates a delicate balance of strength and vulnerability. It emanates a spirit that guides the search for empowerment, and helps you to see the hues of your own life.